Design Specs

Only the finest materials go into the construction of our patios.

We exceed all design requirements prescribed in the Ontario Building Code. Constructing each patio to exact specifications. Our product is patented and is the only one of its kind in Canada. Design features include welded steel base, slip resistant staining on deck surfaces and welded steel railings.

vector illustration of a pop up street patio

Key features of a pop up street patio:

  • Exchange your city parking for a Pop Up Street Patio. With plenty of options to choose from.

  • Add convenient an pedestrian throughways with Bump-Outs and Sidewalk Rail Systems.

  • Build safe community parklet spaces that are up to code and accessible.

  • Seasonal usage aligned with municipal guidelines, so you can get the most out of your patio season. We handle and store your patio through the winter.

  • Patios can be leased (long or short term), including multiple unit rates and special event installations.

  • A standard size of 18' x 8' can add an extra 130 sq ft to your establishment. 12 more seats for guests!

  • Customizations include planter boxes, planter walls, sunshades and more.

  • Have your patio up and running the same day as delivery. Serving customers in as little as an hour after installation!

Start by choosing the base patio. We have versatile options to fit your need.

standard street patio example with rails and umbrellas

Standard Street Patio

Our standard parking space street patio with welded steel frames and railings. Available in set 8′ x 18′ structures or custom sizes.

sidewalk rail system example with enclosed railings on a sidewalk and a bump-out

Sidewalk Rail System

Also with our classic welded steel railings. The sidewalk rail system is perfect to go right over that empty sidewalk space.

bump-out patio example close up of an extension to the sidewalk


Get a beautiful bump-out that extends the sidewalk area. Available in our welded steel railings. Perfect for better traffic flow.


Our parklets come with a variety of custom add-ons for great curb appeal. Built in benches, planters, sunshades, and more!

Then spruce it up with our set add-ons, or put in a request for a custom feature!

planter box wall example outside la cucina with high wooden blocks and plants on top

Planter Box Walls

Our taller planter box walls are a beautiful way to add both privacy and extra curb appeal to your street patio.

planter box example with flowers surrounding a street patio that are low

Planter Boxes

Beautiful curb appeal without the height. Add planter boxes around or inside your patio for a welcoming atmosphere.

sunshade example with high wooden frames and mesh canopies over a street patio

Sunshade Options

Protect your customers from the sun. Wooden frames supporting overhead canopies or umbrellas available.

benches example with strips of benches and planter boxes in a street patio

Built-In Benches

Don’t want the hassle of bringing out the furniture? Have us install built-in or custom benches for extra seating.